Welcome to PeerBlast!

Welcome to PeerBlast! This site was built to share EVENTS of interest across OREGON and beyond for PEERS, PEER SUPPORTERS, PEER SUPPORT PROVIDERS and PARTNERS in an aggregated CALENDAR (integrating events from multiple calendars) as a conceptual demonstration. We always welcome input, feedback, volunteers and donations! PeerBlast! is currently 100% free, volunteer, with expenses funded solely out-of-pocket by its founders. We've grouped events into a few main categories: CALLS TO ACTION - Rallys, Vote, Cause FUNDING - Grant Announcements, Deadlines, Requests for Proposals LEARNING - Training, Education, Workforce Development PUBLICATION - Press Release, Announcement, Newsletter, Report, Findings SOCIAL - Networking, Meetup, Celebration, Picnic/Potluck/BBQ, Meal SUPPORT - Individual, Group and/or Family SYSTEMS - Outreach, Improvement, Governance Many events are "tagged" with extra information about the event that is searchable. One set of tags, for example, has to do with accessibility of the event -- childcare available? wheelchair accessible? Another set of tags has to do with cost: is it free? if not, how much to get in? are scholarships available? The "Calendar with Filters" tab allows persons to narrow the list of events according to dropdown selection for various tags. We welcome feedback, input, support and adoption! Email peerblast at gmail.com.