About Us

PeerBlast! is an "aggregated" events calendar, pulling together peer-support related events from multiple organizations and calendars for viewers.

Many of these events come from, but are not limited to, the following organizations:
- EI (Empowerment Initiatives)
- ProjectAble (A Better Life Experience)
- MHAO (Mental Health Association of Oregon)
- PeerLinc TAC (Technical Assistance Center)
- MHAP (Mental Health Association of Portland)
- ROCC (Recovery Outreach Center)
- FACT (Families and Communities Together)
- FolkTime
- Iron Tribe
- Crystal Dimensions
- Rethinking Psychiatry
- OCSC (Oregon Consumer Survivor Coalition)
- MFI Oregon (Mindfreedom International)
- DRO (Disability Rights Oregon)
- LILA (Lane Independent Living Alliance)
- NAMI Oregon (National Alliance on Mental Illness)
- DBSA Oregon (Depression Bipolar Support Alliance)
- OCADSV (Oregon Coalition Against Domestic and Sexual Violence)
- SASS (Sexual Assault Support Services)
- VAWPAC (Oregon Violence Against Women Political Action Committee)
- Opal Network
- IF (Involve Families)
- FFCMH (Federation of Families for Children's Mental Health)
- VSF (Voices Set Free)
- Listen 2 Us
- NAO (Nonprofit Association of Oregon)
- OHA (Oregon Health Authority)
- OHPB (Oregon Health Policy Board)
- OCAC (Oregon Consumer Advisory Council)
- CCOs (Community Advisory Councils for Coordinating Care Organizations)
- CCO Oregon

Future features planned include but are not limited to:
- Carpooling Coordination Assistance
- Search by Distance
- Custom Subscriptions for User-selected Filter Criteria (e.g. Training events within 50 miles of user's address costing less than $250).
- Quick, Automated Import/Export from Other Calendars
- Value-add Content
- Search Engine Optimization
- Banner Ads/Announcements
- Feedback Scores, Comments, and Questions for Events
and more to come!

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